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Mission Lisbon

Focusing on world war two, Mission Lisbon is a gripping thriller spanning throughout Europe.

When Winston Churchill’s government learns of a Nazi plan to create a deadly new long-range missile, he orders British Intelligence to save a brilliant young French scientist, Jean Giscard, from the deadly clutches of a Gestapo assassin. Thousands of lives are at risk, from the weapons which affect the final outcome of the war against Nazi Germany.

Combining moral conundrums faced by many scientists during this period in history and the undercover tricks taking place in almost every country in Europe, Toby Oliver masterfully combines these stories in a way that’s atmospheric, exciting, and keeps you gripped from the first page.

In their deadly game of smoke and mirrors, no-one is ever quite what they seem.

Mission Lisbon the V-1 Double Cross is highly rated on Goodreads and available from a range of online retailers, including Amazon, Mission Lisbon is perfect for history buffs and spy thriller fans alike.

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