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Codename Nicolette

In 1941, after a telephone tip-off to the Assistant Commission of the Met Police, the body of a young woman, Sarah Davis, was discovered during the Blackout at the height of a bombing raid by two Scotland Yard detectives. Thanks to the nightly Blackout crime was easy to conceal, the house was already damaged by a bomb blast; a direct hit would have obliterated any chance of finding forensic evidence.

In this deadly game of smoke and mirrors, as the investigation unfolds, no-one is ever quite what they seem. The victim’s connection to Winston Churchill’s secretive Double Cross Committee not only raises the stakes but rapidly spirals out of control. The investigation rapidly becomes a race against time to track down the killer of Sarah Davis before it’s too late, and Britain’s counter-espionage battle against the Abwehr is lost, and the result, could quite literally affect the final outcome of the War against Nazi Germany.

Positively reviewed by both critics and readers, Codename Nicolette is a fascinating look into the murky underbelly of the London authorities and grips you almost instantly. The text is atmospheric, intense and exciting with an action-packed plot, effortlessly navigating between smaller scale mystery and the deadly espionage battle.

Combining Oliver’s spy thriller background with a tantalising murder mystery, Codename Nicolette is one not to miss.

Available from a range of online retailers, including Amazon, immerse yourself in Blitz-hit London with this gripping novel.

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